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How I Shoot and Edit

When I shoot and edit images I don’t mess with color a ton, I prefer to edit in a way that is appealing now and hopefully for generations to come. Looking beyond photography trends and styles. I look for light to set the mood of an image, work with in-camera settings to capture exactly what I see, then add some little pops of color and remove distractions later in processing. The image above was shot in Canmore, at a beautiful lake in the perfect light. Location and light play a huge roll in the outcome of color and mood of a picture. In an upcoming post this winter, I will talk more about light, style, and a wedding day schedule.Candids

When I look for candid moments. I look for honesty, truth, and emotional connection in a photograph. I want the people I’m working with to think back on an event that meant something meaningful to them in there life at that exact moment. I like to shoot with a “story approach” meaningful moments in a series of images in motion. A single moment in our memory can bring back incredible intimacy, joy, fear, love, anxiousness, or an “indescribable feeling” we often experience. I look for those images throughout my work. Those moments aren’t usually planned or staged they are real, raw and honest. Not always perfect. To me, these images aren’t found in the smile at the camera shots. Above is a picture of Brandon and Nicole Brandon’s Dad had just started his speech, a speech that had everyone laughing at the start and crying by the end.

Couple Portraits

When I shoot portraits, my heart is truly in capturing the personality and “in the moment shots”. I want the photos to look genuine, capturing you both in the best light. I look for the connection between couples and love to also include some soft romantic images. Don’t worry I’m here to help and bring it all out of you. This image was moments after Brandon told Meagan one of his favorite things about her.

Family Formals

These are some of the most important images and deserve some respect. Family members aren’t always going to be around and it’s important to have images for generations to see and for you to always have. It’s a common theme you’ve read already, I love interactions, emotions, and moment. I shoot both the formal “look and smile at the camera” with a couple of family interactions images thrown in. I’ll speak up at this point of a wedding and take charge. Get the family listening and sometimes laughing at each other.  It helps things run smoothly and takes the power away from the bossy Bettys in the family (cause let’s be real, there is one in every family). Don’t worry I’ve got your back!


The details. Your grandmother’s ring, lace, ribbon wedding invitations, flowers. I like to add these images into wedding albums because they help complete the story. They are apart of your day, they help create the “feeling” of your wedding and these things are important too. You really don’t need to keep the top part of the cake like grandma wants you too. Just let me take a picture.







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