I love to watch HGTV, I consume too many flat whites in a day and live for conversations that give a good deep laugh. Nothing is better than hearing a story, especially if it's juicy and real. That's probably why weddings and families are my favourite! I absolutely love being a photographer. I just like people and want the best for everyone. 

 I'm in the season of my life where I'm raising three wind whipped, loud, fierce girls. It's busy! When I pick up my camera I get to slow all that energy down and keep it in a second. I love the story's found in pictures and the emotions that they keep. 

I'm Danelle 


5. A short funny instagram quote is probably when I laugh the loudest. What can I say, it's the small things in life that keep me entertained when I probably should be sleeping. 

4. I love, and I mean love anything Joanne Gaines #girlcrushhard. She can have all my money. I'm talking, dream girls trip to Waco Texas, Magnolia Market.
Build me a house  Joanne! 

3. I really like to listen to podcasts and learning new things. 

2. I love to scare my husband, this act truly brings me great joy. 

1. I have a ridiculous amount of sisters, sister in-laws, a brother, plus a million nieces and nephews. Anything your juicy family does is not going to scare me away.  I can thrive in chaos and am very adaptable.

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