I love to watch HGTV, consume way to many flat whites + conversations that give a good deep laugh. Nothing is better than hearing a story. especially if it's juicy and real. That's probably why weddings + families are my favorite! I absolutely love my job. I get to third wheel people, hear their stories and get some  love  when they see their images. 

 I'm in the season of my life where I'm left in charge of free range, wind wiped, snotty nosed girls. It's busy. When I pick up a camera I get to slow that all down. It makes me smile, I get to do something that lights me up and provides for the family I couldn't live without. 

I'm Danelle (Think Janelle but with a D)

Hey, you from around here! 

5. A short funny instagram quote is probably when I laugh the loudest. What can I say, It's the small things in life that keep me entertained when I probably should be sleeping. 

4. I love and I mean love anything Joanne Gaines #girlcrushhard. She can have all my money. I'm talking, dream girls trip to Waco Texas, Magnolia Market. Build me a house + garden Joanne! 

3. I complain about not being fit but will never turn down a doughnut or ice cream.  I'm a balance between  " healthy" and "life's too short" 

2. Scaring my husband brings me great joy. 

1. I have a ridiculous amount of sisters, a brother plus a million nieces and nephews. So anything your juicy family does is not going to scare me away. I'm desensitized.

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